Blissful Waters Wellness

We are an online store for Blissful Waters Float Center, a
family owned small business, located in The Woodlands, TX.

 At Blissful Waters Wellness we carry water soluble
supplements, salts we use in our float tanks, water accessories, and our signature fragrances and apparel. We make things simple for those who don’t want to take capsule supplements yet still want to put their wellness first. All products featured are locally made, free from fillers, chemicals, hidden additives, and are used by us personally. We trust that you enjoy them as much
as we do.

100% Fruiting Body Authentic Mushroom Extracts

Blissful Waters Wellness mushrooms extracts are made 100%
from the fruiting body. We understand that the most reliable therapeutic potency comes from 100% fruiting body extracts. this is where you get the highest concentrations of beta-glucans that modulate immune and inflammatory response and active compounds like the published. If you want the highest and most consistent therapeutic potential, fruiting body is the way to go.

Real Adaptogens

Adaptogens are becoming more popular as the importance of
nervous system health and stress resilience is increasingly recognized across all areas of health, wellness and performance. Our products deliver serving sizes of adaptogens that are well into therapeutic range. As adaptogen popularity continues to grow, more products will start to put adaptogens on their label for marketing buzz without delivering powerful serving sizes of quality extracts or even using real adaptogens at all. Blissful Waters Wellness is built around a function first mentality and ingredient decks that go far beyond the industry trend.

100% Pure and 100% Water Soluble

Our adaptogen tinctures are free from fillers, chemicals, and hidden additives.

Straight forward ingredients for straight forward results.

Mix our adaptogens into your favorite beverages or simply mix into water.